Previous Entries well fuck I don't even know how to start this but I guess I'll just go for the simple, but nevertheless eloquent, holy fuck it's Louis' 23rd birthday. I don't really know what to say because I'm not particularly good with words and it's bloody impossible to sum up what Louis means to me honestly, apart from my family, I can't say there's many people that I love as much as I love him. And yeah I suppose it's a bit silly because I don't even know him in real life but fuck he's just such a good person and he always does his best to make those around him so fucking happy and he does so much to contribute to charities and to his families and just everything. He always manages to put a smile on everyone's face and he's just the type of person who'd drop what he's doing just to make those he cares about smile. I've met Louis twice and both of those times he was like a ray of fucking sunshine and it was just beyond ridiculous how happy he made me. When he hugged me, he realised what it meant to me and he held on a few seconds longer and rubbed my back and honestly that was the best feeling ever. He just know how to act and react in order to make people happy and if someone's feeling nervous around him he'll crack a joke to make the situation more comfortable and he just does whatever it takes to make everyone happy and I know I'm rambling a lot but fuck he's such a good person and he deserves every bit of what he has so much he's worked so hard to earn it and I'm so so fucking proud of him for achieving so much. I'm so proud of him for having written more songs on the recent two albums and I'm so happy that he's been given more solos because his voice is fucking angelic and I'm so so happy that he's become more confident with himself because he's such a fucking great human being, even if he doesn't realise that so much and sorry I'm swearing and rambling so much I'm just getting so emotional because he means the world to me as cliche as that sounds he's quite literally my sunshine and I just hope he always stays happy, no matter what. I love you so fucking much louis, have a great day and fuck I just love you so much you're my fucking sunshine. by louis.cumlinson Next Entries "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all". Monte Carlo

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