Previous Entries Hi, sorry for being so inactive I've been feeling up and down, and not sleeping a lot, have lots of homework and I just feel stressed and depressed so sorry if I don't post sometimes. I don't feel like it and there are also "friends" who just treat me like a piece of shit and ugh I hate people. And I show ppl I look happy and stuff but sometimes my mood just swings and I feel like trash. I just needed to let it all out and idgaf if ppl unfollow me, I also have other things to do. I'll probably need a co-owner but I'm not sure yet. U guys are the only ones I've told about that I haven't even told my parents cuz I feel like they wouldn't understand somehow by mikeykittypoo Next Entries France is a cutie. #france #carcassone #europe #europe2015 #europetrip2015 #pocock #cute #omg #wow #cho #cuteeee by abhi.saim

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