by federico__comi uA1mKGgAkM by federico  comi
federico__comi shared this picture from this spot in Montecarlo on May 27, 2015 at 05:59PM.

Previous Entries 1er virage #f1 #monaco #GP #elsewhere @denaimoore by tchao__numa Next Entries Revelation: unless I'm alone with my girlfriends on a desolate beach somewhere (which is never), I'm not really that comfortable with the idea of running around in just a bikini alone. I mean - is anyone?!😂 Besides the fact that I have the same reservations that all women do about a lack of abs etc., I don't even think it's a good look. Recently, I've been investing more in kaftans and beach wear - I think they provide a much more complete, wearable beach look and you only need to invest in a few. Heading back soon, enjoying some last views of this insanely beautiful setting ⛵️🙏 by brookecarriehil

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