Previous Entries Today's work-out is done ! 1.5 hr of Pilates and 30 mins of #Ashtanga #yoga warm-ups. This is My routine and My breakfast/snack choix es for today (Green coordinates are coincidental) Breakfast Smoothie includes KIWI, KALE, Pistachio, and the oh so ever healthy GOJIS, my snack ( I get shaky after intense work-outs) Greek Yogurt homemade dip (flavored to individual taste) with crackers, lettuce and celery. It totally fills me up until lunch time. These meal plans, Work-Out routines and lifestyle habits will all be customized to your needs and delivered to you via interactive chats , video calls , emails and podcasts when you sign up for DOKTORFIT™ program launching via @doktorderma in a few days! Your dream body at your fingertips ! HAPPY PRODUCTIVE DAY Next Entries Favelas. by zoudeuxfois

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